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Financial investment

Focus on pharmaceutical field- Building an innovative financial service platform

Royal Fishing Financial Investment Industry is the powerful power engine of Royal Fishing's "Industry + Capital" two-wheel drive. Focus on pharmaceutical innovation and traditional Chinese medicine industry integration, the establishment of pharmaceutical product research and development, GMP pharmaceutical enterprise equity merger and acquisition fund. Successively initiated the establishment of "Zhenxin Investment" and "Harbin Shizhen Biomedical Investment Center". With the concept of "Focus on medicine, value investment", the principle of standardized operation and steady operation, the business purpose of serving investors and creating value, the capital market as the basis, professional investment and clear exit path as the means, and strive to develop into an influential private equity fund management company in the domestic medical and health field. Help to promote the long-term development of Royal Fishing.

Focusing on the industrial investment strategy of upgrading the industrial chain and laying out the pharmaceutical and health market, we take business synergy as an opportunity to extensively carry out pharmaceutical research and development, pharmaceutical circulation, medicinal material management and other high-quality assets investment, asset restructuring or equity mergers and acquisitions, constantly explore investment projects suitable for the company's development, and cultivate new profit growth points.

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Pharmaceutical product research and development

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Zhenxin Investment Center

Royal Fishing Pharmaceuticals and financial industry veterans jointly initiated the establishment of Zhenxin Investment, a merger and acquisition fund management company serving listed companies. With the industrial background and strong backing of Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical, it brings together professionals from the financial and pharmaceutical industries to focus on equity investment in the field of medicine and health, and strives to become the head professional investment institution in the field of medicine and health of the Dinosaur Tycoon within 3-5 years. Help Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical to build a listed pharmaceutical enterprise with a market value of 100 billion.

Harbin Shizhen biomedicine equity investment center

Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical and Harbin Shenghui Investment Co., Ltd. initiated and established Harbin Shizhen Biomedical Investment Center (limited partnership). It aims to promote the development of the biomedical industry in Harbin, help the pharmaceutical industry transformation of Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical industry, and build a biopharmaceutical benchmark enterprise.