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International multi-field research and development cooperation

Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical has scientifically and effectively promoted the company's research and development plan, and accelerated the advancement of key projects in core areas such as innovative drug research and development, high-end preparation imitation, and biological drug introduction. Continue to deepen the research and development of TCM hospital preparations and classic recipes. Actively expand international cooperation, look for international innovative drug and generic drug project cooperation, introduce projects that meet the company's strategic direction and solve unmet clinical needs. Seek international patent technology and project development authorization, introduce foreign innovative drugs. Cooperate with world-class multinational pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and academic institutions to develop innovative drugs.

Well-known enterprisecooperation

The company has negotiated with many top international drug research and development companies and teams to introduce innovative drugs and advanced generic drug technology, introduced a class of innovative drugs that have obtained the US FDA clinical approval and completed the phase I clinical trial from Guangzhou Hengnuokang, and introduced an innovative drug project from Wuxi Apptec and is carrying out the phase I clinical trial. Cooperate with Guangzhou Positao to develop Dinosaur Tycoon and the United States simultaneous research and development declared generic drug project. Establish projects in accordance with international high standards and high requirements, and promote research and development simultaneously, and gradually build the company into a leading international comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise of Dinosaur Tycoon.

Scientific research institutioncooperation

The company jointly with well-known universities and research institutions in the country, and constantly carry out the secondary development of some existing mature products. Cooperate with Dinosaur Tycoon Academy of Chinese Medicine, Shanghai Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Oriental Hospital, Peking University, Second Military Medical University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine, Tianjin University of Chinese Medicine and more than a dozen other research institutes. Comprehensively and deeply carry out the basic research of pharmacodynamic substances, the research of quality control methods, the research of evidence-based medicine, the introduction of exclusive varieties.