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Jixi Branch of Heilongjiang Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. passed the annual inspection of Heilongjiang Provincial Management Commission

Time: 2023-11-14 View: 205

On November 13, a team of experts from the Heilongjiang Provincial Action Management Commission went to Jixi Company to conduct an annual on-site inspection of the animal room by the provincial laboratory animal quality supervision checkpoint.

The annual inspection, the expert group focused on the source of experimental animals, feed manufacturers production qualifications, qualifications of practitioners, animal waste and harmless treatment and other conditions were questioned and inspected, and has carried out on-site inspections of experimental rat areas and rabbit areas.

Through a comprehensive on-site inspection of all elements such as the management system, working procedures, personnel, equipment, operating procedures, and operating records, the expert group fully affirmed the work of the animal room, especially the implementation of experimental animal welfare and biosafety measures4 A+ and 11 A's are worth spreading to other units.

The successful passage of the experimental animal administrative license supervision and inspection in 2023 further promoted the construction of the company's standardized management system for experimental animals. Provide a strong boost for the steady advancement of product quality control.

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