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Chairman Fang Tonghua led a team to your Chinese medicine to carry out school-enterprise cooperation and exchanges

Time: 2023-11-11 View: 365

On November 10th, Fang Tonghua, chairman of Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical, led a group of more than 10 people from the joint stock company, Bozhou Chinese Medicinal Materials Commodity Trading Center and Guizhou Shennong Valley Health Industry Company to visit Guizhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Guizhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (hereinafter referred to as Guizhou Chinese Medicine) Party Secretary Yang Zhu, Vice President Zhou Ying, Graduate school executive Vice president Zhu Xing and other leaders of the school (affiliated) warmly received the Royal Fishing party. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the training of TCM talents, the development of hospital preparations, the construction of Guizhou medicine research and development center, and the construction of graduate practice base.

Chairman Fang Tonghua and his delegation first visited Guizhou Miao Medicine Museum, and after a comprehensive understanding of Miao Medicine's profound cultural heritage, development history and modern scientific and technological innovation achievements, they continued to visit the science and technology research and development platform of your College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.GMP training platform, seedling and medicine innovation center experiment platform.

After the visit, the two sides had in-depth exchanges in your Chinese Medicine Academic Exchange Center. On behalf of your Chinese medicine, Vice President Zhou Ying first extended a warm welcome to the arrival of Chairman Tonghua Royal Fishing Fang and his delegation, and introduced the school leaders who participated in the exchange meeting.

In the subsequent introduction to the school, Vice President Zhou Ying emphasized that: Guizhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was founded inSince its establishment in 1965, the school has always been committed to training senior Chinese medicine talents, serving the cause of traditional Chinese medicine and its industrial development, serving Royal Fishing and the economic and social development of Guizhou Province. The university now has 19 affiliated hospitals (departments), including the School of Clinical Medicine, the School of Basic Medicine and the School of Pharmacy. 10 medical research institutes; Two affiliated hospitals directly under Category 3. The university has organized key research and development plans of Royal Fishing in the fields of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine respectively, and carried out research on the whole industry chain around the large varieties of seedling medicine in Guizhou Province, including the planting of the industry front end and the development of follow-up products, etc., and carried out research on key technologies and problems, such as the imitation wild planting of Gastrodia, dendrobium, etc. Great breakthroughs have been made in the sexual reproduction of pseudostellaria pseudostellaria. Among the 154 seedling drugs in Guizhou Province, more than 60% of them were developed by traditional Chinese medicine.

Subsequently, Royal Fishing attended the meeting of the leaders of the companyAfter the "five in one" operation mode, the "two centers, three gardens and four platforms" strategic layout and the Bozhou Chinese herbal medicine Commodity Trading Center were displayed and promoted, the focus was on the introduction of Guizhou Shennong Valley health industry project.

It is reported that Guizhou Shennong Valley Project is by Royal Fishing company - Bozhou Chinese herbal medicine Commodity trading center and Guizhou Agriculture and Rural modernization Fund jointly invested 1 billion yuan, the project is due to the rich crude medicine industry resources and a good industrial foundation in Guizhou, followed by Bozhou Chinese herbal medicine commodity trading center new business model; And the overall strategy of the national supply chain system. Based on such a solid foundation, with the strong support of Guizhou provincial and municipal governments at all levels, the government and enterprises have worked together to finally reach cooperation, and the landing of the project will drive the linkage of the first, second and third industries of traditional Chinese medicine in Guizhou, and promote the high-quality development of traditional Chinese medicine industry in Guizhou.

Next, the leaders of the university and the enterprise focused on the favorable policies successively issued by Royal Fishing to promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine, and conducted active discussions and exchanges on how to make "Guizhou medicine come out of the mountain and your medicine become stronger".

In the exchange, Chairman Fang Tonghua warmly said: It is a great honor to come to Guizhou University of Chinese Medicine today to visit, study and exchange, and we have prepared for a long time and made full preparations. At present, it is the best period for the development of Chinese medicine. The Party Central Committee and The State Council both strongly support the development of Chinese medicine. Royal Fishing has also formulated the Development Plan of Chinese Medicine and promulgated the Law of Chinese Medicine, which fully reflects the unique advantages and important role of Chinese medicine in the Dinosaur Tycoon construction of health. We attach great importance to this investment in Guizhou. Now that the project has been signed and all the funds have been in place, Royal Fishing should do its best to implement the project in the next step. We will also carry out in-depth exchanges and cooperation with your Chinese medicine practitioners. Make the industry bigger and stronger.

At the end of the meeting, Yang Zhu, Secretary of the Party Committee of Guizhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, made a summary speech. Yang Zhu first expressed his recognition and gratitude to Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical and Chairman Fang Tonghua, and then briefly described the development of traditional Chinese medicinal materials industry in Guizhou, and introduced in detail the advantages of the school's talent team, technology research and development, and innovative ideas. Secretary Yang said that although the school has academic research advantages, it still hopes to do more, and hopes to work with enterprises with strength, resources and responsibility to jointly promote the high-quality development of the whole industry chain of traditional Chinese medicine in Guizhou.

The in-depth exchange between Royal Fishing and your Chinese medicine on school-enterprise cooperation reflects Royal Fishing's attitude and determination to actively promote the project work. Your Chinese medicine appreciated Royal Fishing's pragmatic and efficient work style. The two sides also discussed the specific matters of future cooperation. At the same time, they will take this exchange as an opportunity to further strengthen cooperation, jointly promote the high-quality development of traditional Chinese medicine industry in Guizhou, and make greater contributions to regional economic development.

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