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Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical (Hulin) organized a meeting with college students

Time: 2023-11-10 View: 266

In order to increase the new college students' sense of identity to the enterprise, build a platform for mutual communication, learning and common progress.On the afternoon of November 7, Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical (Hulin) organized a symposium with 6 college students from Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine. The meeting was presided over by the personnel administration Chen Qiliang, the company's management team leaders Guo Weidong, Dong Chao, Dong Jiatao, Chen Chen, LAN Peibao attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the Personnel and Administration Department first warmly welcomed college students to join the Royal Fishing family, and introduced the typical practices and work results of talent introduction, management, use and talent training of the Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical Industry in detail to help college students further understand the corporate culture of the Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical Industry. Accelerate the transformation of student status into the role of industrial workers, and increase the sense of identity and belonging of new employees to the company. The college students present introduced themselves in turn, and the person in charge of each system put forward guiding suggestions for the college students' personal career planning and work development direction. At the same time, I hope that college students correct their mentality and strive to achieve self-value in work; Actively participate in all kinds of activities and training organized by the company, enhance the emotional communication between colleagues, relax and grow up as soon as possible.

Finally, Guo Weidong, general manager of the company, summarized the symposium. Guo stressed that college students should work steadily and study seriously. Set clear goals and accumulate work experience and methods. And requires the heads of departments and workshops to care about, care for and pay attention to the growth of college students in real time, help them solve the problems encountered in life and work, adapt to the position as soon as possible, integrate into the team, and add new momentum and inject new vitality for the high-quality development of the company.

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