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Royal Fishing participated in the Taishan Pharmaceutical Forum, and its high-quality development was affirmed again

Time: 2023-11-09 Browse: 338

On November 8, the "Second Taishan Pharmaceutical Forum" sponsored by the Chinese Federation of Industry and Commerce Chamber of Medicine was held in Jinan. More than 1,000 people from the pharmaceutical, marketing and government, hospital, academic elite medicine from all walks of life attended the forum. yan Jiujiang, Vice president of the Medical Industry Chamber of Commerce of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and president of Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical Industry, was invited to attend the conference and won the honorary title of "Person promoting high-quality development of the medical and health Industry in 2022-2023".

It is understood that this forum will focus on the pharmaceutical industryThe theme of "whole industry, big platform, Deep integration and common development" focuses on the development of the pharmaceutical and health industry and carries out in-depth discussions. We are committed to promoting cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises, deeply discussing issues such as three-medical collaboration and pharmaceutical digitalization, and seeking ways to break through the development of the industry. President yan Jiujiang attended the opening ceremony together with the government, the leaders of the Federation of Industry and Commerce and a number of well-known entrepreneurs in the pharmaceutical industry. And with government agencies, industry leaders and well-known entrepreneurs, experts to discuss the development trend and cooperation path of the pharmaceutical industry.

At the same time, the forum also announced a series of honor lists in the pharmaceutical industry, and President yan Jiujiang was recognized by the expert review group of the organizing committee for his business achievements in promoting the high-quality and steady development of Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical Industry"2022-2023 year to promote the high-quality development of the pharmaceutical and health industry "title.

Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical was invited to attend this forum and won the honor, representing the Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical has entered a period of high-quality developmentUnder the guidance of the strategic deployment of "two centers, three parks and four platforms" and "five in one", the business performance of the company has been unanimously recognized by the industry. In the future, Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical will strive to continue to create a sound operation system, build a new development pattern synchronized with The Times, adhere to independent innovation, relying on the advantages of research and development and intelligent manufacturing, to form new quality productivity in the pharmaceutical industry, and contribute to the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

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