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Royal Fishing participated in the 3rd Dinosaur Tycoon(Guizhou) Gastrodia Festival, and the signing ceremony of the 1 billion yuan project was held

Time: 2023-11-08 View: 357

On November 8, the 3rd Dinosaur Tycoon(Guizhou) Gastrodia Gastrodia Festival and the 2nd Bijie Gastrodia Gastrodia Expo opened in Dafang County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province. Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical was invited to attend the opening ceremony. At the opening ceremony, Bozhou Chinese herbal Medicine Commodity Trading Center, a subsidiary of Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical, and Guizhou Agricultural Development Fund completed the signing ceremony of Guizhou Shennong Valley Chinese herbal medicine industry chain cooperation project of 1 billion yuan. The two sides will realize the superposition of strengths, effectively promote the layout of the Chinese herbal medicine industry chain, innovation chain and value chain in Guizhou, and jointly transform the Chinese medicine industry project into a new quality development force for Guizhou's economic construction.

It is understood that the opening ceremony of this Gastrodia FestivalHeld in the form of "1+3+6", in addition to the main venue Dinosaur Tycoon· Guizhou Gastrodia Trading Center in Dafang County, Bozhou Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials Trading Center, as a branch venue of the opening ceremony, has achieved multi-dimensional linkage and interworking with the main venue, origin and consumers, enriching the communication channels of this Gastrodia Festival and improving the promotion and popularity of "your Gastrodia". Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical also took this Gastrodia Festival as an opportunity to fully spread the layout of the whole industrial chain of Royal Fishing traditional Chinese medicine and the advantages and characteristics of a series of industrial projects in Guizhou.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Wu Donglai, Mayor of Bijie Municipal People's Government, Mr. Zheng Wenke, Secretary General of the Innovation Alliance for Standardization and Quality Evaluation of Chinese Medicinal Materials in Royal Fishing, and Mr. Fang Tao, Deputy Director of Guizhou Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, delivered speeches. Invite the world to show and promote in the name of Gastrodia"Your Gastrodia" advantage features.

At the signing ceremony, Sun Yuanguang, president of Bozhou Chinese herbal medicine Commodity Trading Center, and Jiang Shenghao, member of the Party Committee and deputy general manager of Guizhou Financial Holding Group, completed the signing on behalf of both companies, marking the official launch of Royal Fishing Guizhou Chinese herbal medicine whole industry chain project.

Subsequently, Wu Shenghua, member of the Standing Committee of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Bijie Municipal Party Committee, announced the NoThe 3rd Dinosaur Tycoon(Guizhou) Gastrodia Festival and the 2nd Bijie Gastrodia Expo were officially opened. Relevant leaders from Guizhou Province, Bijie City and Dafang County jointly launched the event with Fang Tonghua, Chairman of Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical.

It is understood that Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical also set up a booth in this Gastrodia festival and displayed the companyCore pipeline varieties of "Traditional Chinese Medicine, chemical medicine and biological medicine" and innovative drugs under research, and through a comprehensive introduction to Royal Fishing and Guizhou Shennong Valley project business system, show the high-quality development achievements of Royal Fishing and the whole industrial chain layout of traditional Chinese medicine. Bozhou Chinese herbal medicine Commodity Trading Center also organized more than 30 Chinese herbal medicine procurement enterprises to participate in the Gastrodia Festival in Guizhou, taking the meeting as a medium to practice the development concept of "platform, cooperation, sharing, and win-win". At the first Guizhou medicinal materials trade meeting in the afternoon, Sun Xiaoli, chairman of Guizhou Shennong Valley Health Industry Development Co., LTD., introduced the advantages and characteristics of Guizhou Shennong Valley project in an all-round way in the exchange, and introduced that the company will focus on the planting, processing, trade and industrialization of Chinese medicinal materials in the future, implementing the linkage of 12, 3 and 3 production, and promoting the high-quality development of Guizhou traditional Chinese medicine industry.

The Royal Fishing Shennong Valley project officially landed in Guizhou, will effectively give full play to the advantages of the whole industry chain in the field of traditional Chinese medicine and Guizhou Province's rich advantages of Chinese herbal medicine resources, and rely on the advantages of the platform to promote the standardized cultivation of Chinese herbal medicine in Guizhou Province and the whole process traceability system construction, deepening promotion"Guizhou Medicine" brand awareness and reputation improved. By promoting the integration and upgrading of the traditional Chinese medicine industry chain, we will promote rural revitalization and consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation. At the same time, it will promote the development of high-quality Chinese medicine varieties, hospital preparations, Chinese herbal medicine derivatives and other large health industries, will directly or indirectly provide employment opportunities for Chinese herbal medicine planting, processing, logistics and other fields, and jointly create a new benchmark of "government-enterprise cooperation" in southwest China.

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