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Royal Fishing approved levopethacetam oral solution

Time: 2023-11-01 View: 487

On October 31, Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical announced that the company received the "Drug Registration Certificate" of levetiracetam oral solution approved and issued by the Royal Fishing Drug Administration, and the certificate number is 2023S01640. Mark Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical can carry out the production and sale of this variety on the premise that it meets the requirements of the drug production quality management standard.

It is understood that levetiracetam oral solution is a high-efficiency broad-spectrum anti-epileptic drug, its mechanism of action is unique, the effect of significant lasting effect, suitable for adults, children and more than one month of infant epilepsy patients with partial seizure treatment. Levetiracetam has all the pharmacokinetic characteristics of better antiepileptic drugs: high bioavailability, linear curve, low protein binding rate, no liver enzyme induction, etc. Levetiracetam does not interact with other antiepileptic drugs, thus making this product with better safety and tolerability.

At the same time, the levetiracetam oral solution obtained the drug registration certificate, marking that this product is regarded as passing the generic drug consistency evaluation, which will further improve the company's market competitiveness, and accumulate valuable experience for Royal Fishing's subsequent consistency evaluation product research and generic drug development.

As an important part of Royal Fishing's product pipeline, generic chemical drugs have effectively expanded the current variety pipeline of Royal Fishing, promoted the improvement of product market coverage and market competitiveness, and achieved the strategic goal of innovation driving the market and creating and improving benefits.

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