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Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical is actively participating in the "World Investor Week 2023"

Time: 2023-10-25 Browse: 454

October 23-27, 2023Dinosaur Tycoon SEC Investor Protection BureauAnd Heilongjiang Securities Regulatory BureauUnder the guidance of,Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical is actively involved"World Investor Week 2023"

It is understood that this timeWorld Investor Week activities revolve aroundTwo themes: "Investors' ability to cope with risk" and "sustainable finance"Carry outIt aims to enhance the majority of investors' awareness of risk prevention, and transmit rational investment, value investment, and long-term investment concepts.Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical seeks participation through the eventRemind the majority of investors to enhance the ability to identify risks, pay attention to value investment, long-term investment, and enhance the investment concept of green and sustainable development

According to reports,World Investor Week(" WIW") is a global investor education and protection event organized by the International Organization of Securities Commissions ("IOSCO") to raise awareness of the importance of investor education and protection and to showcase good practices in investor education and protection among securities regulators worldwide.In the future, Royal Fishing Pharmaceutical will continue to respond to and actively participate in the activities of Heilongjiang Provincial Securities Regulatory Bureau, actively fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of listed companies, and promote the establishment of a safer and more secure investment environment.

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